Burkart Elite flutes are the best platinum flutes

The Burkart platinum flute is made with a .011" wall of SSP, a unique alloy which amplifies the Burkart characteristics of resonance, responsiveness, and projection. These platinum flutes are the offer exceptional stability and the most extreme dynamic possibilities.

The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom flute featuring soldered tone holes and Burkart’s micro-Link™ pinless mechanism.  This improvement provides stability with two solid 14K white gold rods, reduces weight, and allows the transfer of motion to be very close to the main axle of the keys. The keys are designed for easy removal for maintenance and adjustments. The mechanism creates an equally light spring tension throughout, stable and balanced response for both the right and left hands, and lightning-fast action. The Burkart Elite also boasts an innovative ergonomic key design - the curves, angles, heights, and reaction of the touch pieces maximize technique and minimize fatigue.  Other features include stainless steel rods, felt bumpers to quiet key action, and gold solders for enhanced durabilty, resonance, and projection.

Support Information

To service or repair your Burkart, contact 978-425-4500 or e-mail info@burkart.com. Additional information can be found in the repairs and maintenance section of their website.