Flute.com's picks for best Flutes Under $1000

The Jupiter 611 is the best flute available for under $1000

The 611 series incorporates a sterling-silver headjoint and utilizes a ribbed construction and a high nickel content to produce excellent sound quality, making it choice a strong choice for the advancing artist.

The Yamaha YFL-221 is a top flute available for under $1000

The Yamaha YFL-221 features the same quality design and craftsmanship as the higher-end 300 and 400 models but feature closed tone holes for the beginning flute player.

The Pearl Quantz 525 is a good flute for under $1000

The Pearl 525 Quantz flute is an ideal choice for the advancing flutist or doubler, featuring dependable key mechanism, good intonation, and a solid silver lip plate for better tone production.