Flute.com's picks for best Gold Flutes

The Burkart Elite 14k White Gold is a the best gold flute available

The Burkart Elite 14k white gold flute is an exquisite, handmade custom flute with soldered tone holes and features Burkart's micro-Link pinless mechanism.

The Sankyo 24K is a great gold flute

Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and evenness of technique, each Sankyo flute is made from carefully selected materials and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

The Powell Custom 14K Rose Gold is a good gold flute

Powell Custom Platinum flutes are superior-quality instruments which offer pitch stability, a strong upper register, and are resistant to over blowing.

The Muramatsu 24k is a top gold flute

The Muramatsu 24K gold flute possesses a unique spectrum of tone and fluidity of response throughout the full range of the instrument.