Flute.com's picks for best Silver Flutes

The Burkart Elite 998 is the best silver flute

The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom silver flute with soldered tone holes and features Burkart’s micro-Link pinless mechanism. These flutes pair strong resonance and projection with a beautiful, warm sound.

The Branen Brögger 15/85 paired with the 15/85 J.R. Lafin headjoint is a top silver flute on the market

The Branen Brögger 15/85 is the newest flute available from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers. This flute is made from an alloy of 15% gold and 85% silver which creates a unique tonal quality and ease of response.

The Powell Signature Series flute is another top silver flute

Powell Signature Series are handmade sliver flutes which feature quick response, reliability, and flexibility of tone making it an ideal choice for the advancing flutist.

The Muramatsu SR is a good silver flute

The SR model is Muramatsu's top silver flute, and is characterized by a wide spectrum of tonal colors.