The Abel Grenadilla is a fantastic wooden flute

Abel Grenadilla flutes feature the rich, dark, complex timbre found only in a wooden instrument with the accuracy of pitch and quick response usually only seen in a silver counterpart.

Although many fine wooden flutes have been produced in the past, the recent changes in scale, headjoint design, and technology in manufacturing that have occurred in metal flute making have left these earlier wooden instruments practically obsolete.  Abell has applied those changes to the wooden instrument and now offer a flute which includes the current standards of pitch, keywork action, intonation, and fluid tone production with the added attribute of the dark, pungent timbre found in wood.  a flute that not only articulates and responds as well as one of metal, but also delivers a full, rich tone allowing the player to feel comfortable in either small ensembles or larger orchestral settings.

· Fully handmade grenadilla-wood headjoint and body

·  Fully handmade .925 solid keys

·  Hand undercut tone holes

·  Available with closed holes or open holes

·  Split E mechanism

·  Available with C footjoint or B footjoint

·  Thickwall headjoint, available in two cuts: "Standard" or "Oval" - see below

·  Includes leather-covered wood case, case cover and cleaning accessories

Support Information

For service or repair on your Abell call (828)-254-1004, email, or contact their representative and distributor J.L. Smith & Co.