The Abell Headjoint is the best flute headjoint available

Abell offers two different models of headjoints which both feature a warm sound and complex tonal spectrum.

The Abell Flute Co. offers head-joints manufactured from African Blackwood and Sterling silver in two styles of embouchure design producing distinctly different tonal qualities.

The Standard model has a rectangular shape and is modern in its design and response. It speaks easily through the full range of the flute and produces a bright, open sound. This style head-joint is designed primarily to play comfortably in large ensembles and orchestral work, though it is not limited only to those venues.

The Oval model has a slightly smaller, elliptical shaped embouchure and is designed especially for small ensemble and chamber music where a more intimate sound is required. This style head-joint also plays easily through the full range of the flute and produces a very clear, centered tone with an especially dark and pungent quality in the lower registers.

Support Information

For service or repair on your Abell headjoint call (828)-254-1004, email, or contact their representative and distributor J.L. Smith & Co.