The Branen Brögger Orchestral Flute is a good platinum flute

The Branen Brögger Orchestral Flute offers a major mechanical modification which eliminates common problems which had previously required frequent maintenance. These instruments are known for exceptional reliability, comfort, and uniformity of key action.

The Brögger flute is a Boehm system flute that uses a major mechanical modification developed by the Danish flutemaker, Johan Brögger, about 20 years ago. While Boehm flutes have proven themselves remarkably reliable for 150 years, there have always been two problems associated with them that frequently require maintenance:

  • misadjustment between certain keys in the "main line," e.g., between D and E to F#, or between A to Bb, and
  • binding problems between the G key and the Bb key on inline flutes.

The Brögger Mekanik™, with its use of non-rotating shafts and full-size back connectors for all main line keys, effectively eliminates these common problems. The resulting flute is noticeably quieter with reduced friction and far less wear to its moving parts.

There are two additional advantages to the Brögger Mekanik™. First, the flutemaker now has the ability to regulate the spring tension of each key independently of any other, thus allowing for a much more even feel for the performer. The second, equally important feature is the increased strength of the mechanism, especially as it applies to accidents in which the flute is dropped. 

Most importantly, it is the players who have made this instrument the most sought after professional flute on the market today. They have come to enjoy its increased reliability, the livelier, uniform action of its keys, and the marvelous comfort that it offers.

Support Information

You can schedule repairs and maintenance for your Brögger flute on their repair website.