The Burkart Elite 998 is the best silver flute

The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom silver flute with soldered tone holes and features Burkart’s micro-Link pinless mechanism. These flutes pair strong resonance and projection with a beautiful, warm sound.

The Burkart Elite flute is a handmade custom flute with soldered tone holes, featuring Burkart's micro-Link™ pinless mechanism. The 998 Silver flute has the tonal depth, color, and projection of a platinum flute, with the warmth of a gold flute, and yet speaks with the shimmer and brilliance of a silver flute. The resonance of this flute is the result of its extraordinary 99.8% pure silver tube that is both hard and reflective. Hardness imparts vibrancy, color, and a beautiful distinction in the sound of the Burkart Elite 998 as this extra silver content adds depth and color.

  • 998 Silver .016" handcut headjoint - 3 options available
  • 998 Silver body
  • Sterling silver mechanism
  • Soldered tone holes
  • .016 tubing body 
  • Open Hole (French)
  • French pointed key arms
  • Low B footjoint
  • White gold springs
  • Burkart Professional Scale A=442

Support Information

To service or repair your Burkart, contact 978-425-4500 or e-mail Additional information can be found in the repairs and maintenance section of their website.