The Burkart Elite Piccolo is the best professional piccolo

Burkart piccolos are unsurpassed in tone and playability, achieved through the selection and aging of the finest woods and the careful voicing of each instrument.

The Burkart piccolo delivers a full, flute-like sound with superior resonance and easy articulation in the low register. The world's finest grenadilla is selected for the Burkart piccolo, which is then aged through an unmatched process including curing, turning, drilling, and, most importantly, time.

All keywork, ribs and posts are made of solid sterling silver (14K gold available by special order). The rods inside of the mechanism, pivot screws, and rib screws are made of stainless steel, minimizing flex and assuring many lifetimes of corrosion-free wear and low maintenance. The close tolerances and tapered bearing system of this instrument, as well as the exacting fit of the sterling silver keys, ensure stability and longevity.

Ergonomic Key Work: 
A slightly offset G finger button, raised and offset right hand finger buttons and redesigned G# key reduce strain in both hands that can accompany prolonged piccolo playing. The heights of levers and the placement of touch pieces, coupled with the delicate balance of the spring tension, provide comfort and technical facility for players with either large or small hands.

Support Information

To service or repair your Burkart, contact 978-425-4500 or e-mail Additional information can be found in the repairs and maintenance section of their website.