The First Flute series with Sir James Galway are the best online flute lessons available.

This interactive series of online lessons teaches the foundations of playing from the World’s leading exponent of the instrument -Sir James Galway. Every aspect of technique is covered; every facet of musicality is explored.

First Flute online lessons are designed for beginners who don’t have access to weekly lessons, as well as for those who already play the flute but want to learn more.

Education has always been important to Sir James, who turns 75 later this year – he frequently gives masterclasses and is the longstanding president of Flutewise, an organisation for young flute players. First Flute is the culmination of his years of teaching and experience.

There are 15 lessons in total which start with ‘getting your flute out of the box’ and end with ‘your first concert’. More advanced players can skip the introductory lessons on assembling the flute, embouchure and posture, and fast-forward to the sections on studies, articulation and breathing.

Each lesson includes several ‘Practice Room’ sessions, comprising exercises played by Sir James which are complemented by printable sheet music. Students can also download lesson highlights and fingering charts along the way.