The Haynes HAPIW is a good professional piccolo

Haynes handmade piccolos are professional-grade instruments known for their rich sound, ability to blend, and for the solidity of its three-octave range.

Haynes HAPIW piccolos are manufactured from grenadilla wood and blend beautifully in a woodwind section. They posses power but also a subtlety of sound that allows them to be quite versatile. Haynes piccolos are revered worldwide for their ability to enable instrumentalists of all levels to realize their full potential.  

  • Grenadilla-wood handmade piccolo

  • Conical bore

  • .925 solid keywork

  • Silver keys and mechanism

  • Thickwall headjoint with silver rings

  • Cork padded throughout

Support Information

For service or repairs on your Haynes piccolo call (978)-268-0600 or email