The Miyazawa 602 is a great semi-professional flute

The Miyazawa 602 is a fine handmade flute with a beautiful sound.

Every Miyazawa Flute is a fusion of time-tested traditional techniques and groundbreaking advancements, handcrafted to meet your highest expectations. Miyazawa's 602 is a fabulous handmade Flute with a beautiful sound.  It features a 958 Silver headjoint and body with a silverplated mechanism. 958 is a purer form of silver than sterling silver (925 silver) and has a rich and resonant sound.  Advancements to Miyazawa's flute design include a pinless left hand mechansim, the Brogger System for more stable adjustments, cold-forged keys which are much stronger and more reliable than keys created through outdated heat-casting methods which compromise metal integrity and flat-bottom key cups, providing a superior, consistent surface where pads are seated. 

  • 958 Silver custom headjoint 
  • 958 Silver body
  • Silverplated mechanism
  • Drawn tone holes
  • .38" tubing or .45" tubing
  • Brogger System (pinless)
  • Open Hole (French)
  • French pointed key arms
  • Low B footjoint
  • A=442

Support Information

For service or repairs for your Miyazawa contact their repair shop 'Flute Authority' at (888)-899-5747.  Pricing and details available in the repair section of their website.