The Nagahara 20k Gold is a good flute headjoint

With a warm and present tone, this 20K alloy headjoint gives the player endless possibilities of color change, dynamics, and expression.

Nagahara headjoints have steadily earned a reputation for their incredible sound, projection, and range of color. The 20k gold headjoint features a luscious and dark tone quality. These headjoints are a perfect balance between classic design and modern innovation and are all designed and individually handmade by Kanichi Nagahara.  Every step of the design and production of a Nagahara headjoint, including the unique taper of the tube and the specific curve of the lip plate, is meticulously calculated to ensure the consistent quality for which Nagahara flutes are famous. The end result of this perfectionism is an instrument which allows the artist to perform free of mechanical worries.

Nagahara offers a variety of embrouchure cuts to suit any artist's needs:

  • Diligente (D) - Nice resistance; dark centered core tone
  • Ardore (A) - Bright open sound & free blowing
  • Spianato (S) - Traditional, more conservative for smaller ensembles
  • DA - A cross between the "D" and "A" cut. Even flexibility and resistance through all registers. The most popular cut among flutists of all levels.
  • DS - A cross between the "D" and "S" cut, medium resistance with a more delicate and sweet voice
  • Galway (G) - Made with a unique lip plate design to project the vibrant sound Sir James Galway is known for. Provides flexibility & clean articulation with ease through all registers
  • Konami style lip plate - A hand hammered wave on the lip plate lightly raising the sides of the riser enabling a more focused and direct projection. Great for those who like a more clear tone with less effort.




Support Information

To service or repair your Nagahara headjoint call (978)-458-1345, email  Details available at the maintenance and repair section of their website.