The Pearl PFP-105 is a good student piccolo

The PFP-105 features a Grenaditte body and boasts precise pitch, a strong tonal center and a wide dynamic range.

The remarkable new PFP-105 Piccolo is the culmination of years of exploration and research into the creation of a totally new material - Grenaditte. Grenaditte produces a similar tone to Grenadilla wood but is impervious to temperature fluctuations, which prevents cracking and ensures reliable intonation. The design of the Pearl PFP-105E piccolo is based on the legendary Hans Reiner piccolos, which are sought by professional players the world over. The quality of the PFP-105 so high that many professional orchestral players use it as their second instrument.  As with the entire Pearl flutes lineup, the PFP-105 is manufactured with their world renowned Pinless mechanism on features silver plated keys as standard and is the only piccolo on the market to feature this innovation.

  • "Grenaditte" headjoint and tube 

  • Silver-plated mechanism

  • Split E mechanism

  • Thick wall headjoint

  • French-style Pointed key-arms

  • Pinless mechanism

Support Information

For service and support contact Pearl at (615)-833-4477 or use their online contact form.