The Pearl Quantz 525 is a good flute for under $1000

The Pearl 525 Quantz flute is an ideal choice for the advancing flutist or doubler, featuring dependable key mechanism, good intonation, and a solid silver lip plate for better tone production.

The Pearl Quantz series is an exceptional choice for the aspiring flautist. Every Quantz model has French pointed arms. Once considered solely the domain of handmade flutes, it is now universally provided by Pearl. The patented Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar construction are also present throughout the full range of the instrument. This design affords even the student or amateur flautist with an exceptionally efficient and dependable mechanism - another industry first. The 525 model features a Sterling Silver lip and riser, with Silver clad headjoint, body, footjoint and keys.

  • Silver-plated headjoint with .925 solid lip-plate and riser

  • Nickel-silver body 

  • Silver-plated body and mechanism

  • Available with closed or open holes

  • Offset G key

  • Split E mechanism

  • C footjoint

  • French-style Pointed key-arms

  • Pinless mechanism

Support Information

For service and support contact Pearl at (615)-833-4477 or use their online contact form.