The Sankyo 24K is a great gold flute

Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and evenness of technique, each Sankyo flute is made from carefully selected materials and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen.

Exquisitely crafted from the most luxurious materials, Sankyo gold flutes feature a dark, full sound with ease of response even at the lowest dynamic level.  With its lush sound full of rich tonal variety, each Sankyo gold flute embodies the passion and inspiration behind the Sankyo name.  An additional option available from Sankyo is the Sankyo-Kingma System.  Invented by Eva Kingma, the revolutionary Kingma System provides expanded capabilities with a full quartertone scale as well as complete multiphonic venting. Standard fingerings remain the same through non-use of the additional six keys, so it can be played as a traditional Boehm flute. This mechanical design offers many new possibilities including tonal shading, exceptional control of pitch even with extreme dynamics, and accessibility to increasingly popular contemporary and non-western types of music. Through collaboration with Eva Kingma, Sankyo is proud to be one of the elite flutemakers capable of offering the innovative Kingma System.



Support Information

To service or repair your Sankyo see their repair department or call (+81) 03-5960-5750.