The Yamaha YFL-221 is a top flute available for under $1000

The Yamaha YFL-221 features the same quality design and craftsmanship as the higher-end 300 and 400 models but feature closed tone holes for the beginning flute player.

Featuring the same high-grade design and craftsmanship as the 300 and 400 series models, 200 Series Flutes are made of durable nickel silver with an attractive silver-plated finish. They are characterized by excellent response and intonation. The YFL-221 standard flute features closed-hole keys to allow your beginner flutist to enjoy learning to play while enforcing proper hand position.

The headjoint, body, and footjoint of these Standard series flutes are made of durable nickel silver. Neoprene bumpers are used rather than cork to increase durability and achieve a maximum fit against the body. This model has been improved with the following new features: a stronger post design to prevent bending of the posts, easily accessible adjustment screws, an improved adjustment screw material, and a body marking for proper positioning of the footjoint. The Yamaha Standard flutes have become a favorite among teachers because of the open sound and easy playability.

Support Information

For support contact Yamaha via their contact form or by calling (714)-522-9011.  You can also find an authorized Yamaha technician in your area using their service locator.