The Yamaha YPC-32 is the best student model piccolo

The YPC-32 is fantastic general use plastic piccolo for any performance situation.

Yamaha standard piccolos feature a quality tone, perfect for performance situations and their wear resistant construction makes them ideal for marching.  The ABS resin body produces quality tone similar to the sounds of wood piccolos while preventing cracking and ensuring reliable intonation. Overall the YPC-32 offers ease of playability, accurate intonation, and characteristic piccolo sound, making it the best choice for the begining piccolo player. 

  • ABS resin body
  • Conical bore
  • Nickel silver headjoint and keys
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Ribbed key post construction
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Split E mechanism
  • Concave contoured keys 
  • Doubler bladder pads for long life and superior seating

Support Information

For support contact Yamaha via their contact form or by calling (714)-522-9011.  You can also find an authorized Yamaha technician in your area using their service locator.